About Us

BP Services - Welcome to Possible

B.P. Services was born to a branch of Mr. Permunian’s companies in 2014.
We offer legal aid and representation to Companies, Firms, Industries and Private Citizens, and are higly trained and qualified to deal with the Italian Judicial System concerning law suits, law inquiries and disputes.

A Wide Range of International Law and Business Services - For Families and Businesses

Our team will assist you during every phase of the process of the networking; from the partnership research and through the bureaucratic parts. Our Consultants and Experts will help you by locating the perfect sites for your events such as special occasions, anniversaries, receptions, galas, meetings, religious functions and much more.

With offices in Italy and also in the U.S. (in New York and Los Angeles), we are well-positioned to assist clients with legal matters in markets that are unfamiliar to them. At the core of our philosophy is a focus on each case’s nuances. We are committed to the highest quality of care, from the first call to the completion of the purchase.

We also procure qualified personnel for shows and events in Italy and offer analytical services to firms, industries, consulting firms, agencies, researchers, lawyers and scholars. As a result our team of 10 dedicated professionals will take care of your business and projects step by step.

But we also provide other precious services, such as for example dual citizenship assistance, translations, and wedding planning.

  • Dual Citizenship
  • Business Consulting
  • Real Estate Law
  • Italian Wedding Plans
  • Translations
  • Business Law